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Marble Cleaning Services

Marble tiles are popular since they lend a natural appeal to the commercial or residential floors. Their elegant aesthetics makes them a preference amongst many homeowners. However, marble is a porous stone which requires extra care and attention to maximise their lifespan.

A common mistake for marble floor cleaning is using an incorrect cleaning detergent. Household cleaning products are often strongly corrosive, which can quickly eat away the surface of the stone and wear it out quickly. When your marble floor starts to lose its shine; call your local experts at Max Cleaning Services a call.

restored marble stairs

We offer several services including cleaning and polishing the tiles as well as a comprehensive restoration of the floor. Our sophisticated equipment and vast experience allow us to attain the ideal results for your marble floor. Every marble floor has its unusual traits, and our skilled staff will evaluate and pinpoint the best technology for your condition. We use a unique cleaning procedure that eliminates any detectable sealant and treats the large marks or stains as systematically as possible. 

How to clean marble floors

For the scratched marble floor, we eliminate these scratches by use of diamond pucks. Here, a three-stage system is used to clean the floor surface. 

The first step is to get rid of the scratches. The second step is closing the floor up and smoothing it out. Lastly, we polish the pad to guarantee that the initial glamour is brought back to the floor. 

Finally, the marble floors can wear rapidly. However, the good thing is that the prior surface can be attained via honing and polishing. Honing offers a smooth, satin floor with slight light reflection. On the other hand, a polished floor contains a shiny surface that reflects the light. 

Our professional services extend to commercial properties such as restaurants and hotels as well as residential properties. We have 25 years experience in working with marble and other stone floors. If you would like more information or would like to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today on 020 7101 4549.

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